Offering Documents — 6% Fund

Investment Directions

The documents on this page are official fund documents but are shared here for REVIEW ONLY – not for signing. When you’re ready to move forward, click the APPLY TO INVEST button, fill out the form, and await official documents, which will be sent for e-signing via HelloSign.

Step 1: Review sample documents on this page 
Step 2: Complete the investor application form
Step 3: Electronically sign the documents our Investor Relations (IR) team will send to you via HelloSign
Step 4: Follow instructions emailed to you by our IR team to verify your accreditation status
Step 5: Wire your funds

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Review Offering Documents

6% / 6 Month Fund

Private Placement Memorandum

The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is a legal document that outlines the business plan, use of proceeds, risk factors, the management team, tax implications, and the terms of the offering, as well as the investor suitability standards.
Confidential Private Offering

Along with that, the following exhibits are included:

Exhibit A – Subscription Agreement
This serves as an agreement between the issuing company (PPR DE, LLC) and the investor on the purchase of a number of shares for a specific price.

Exhibit B – Accredited Investor Verification Process
This document provides an overview of the ways you may verify your accredited status as an individual, entity, or trust via a 3rd-party system.

Exhibit C – Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement
This specifies the overall operations of the fund and the managing entity.

Exhibit D – Form W-9 
The W-9 form provides information required by the IRS.

Exhibit E – Compounding Example
To help you decide whether to compound your preferred returns or not, this spreadsheet models the effects of compounding vs. receiving monthly payments.

Exhibit F – Current Financials

Exhibit G – Privacy Notice

ACH Form
Should you subscribe to the fund and elect to receive monthly payments of preferred returns, this form will allow our Accounting Department to direct deposit your preferred payments into your account on the 1st of each month.

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