Current Offerings

Which fund is right for you?

Whether you’re looking for monthly preferred returns and more liquidity in the Income Fund, higher expected returns via shared upside and potential tax benefits through depreciation in the Opportunity Fund, or longer-term growth via multifamily investments with potential tax benefits in the Growth Fund (coming soon), we designed these options with you in mind.

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Income Fund

Three rate/term options for earning preferred returns with monthly distributions.





  • Up to 14.38% preferred returns with compounding
  • $25K-$50K Minimum Investment
  • Qualified Plans Accepted

Opportunity Fund

This fund offers shared upside and potential tax benefits via accelerated depreciation.


targeted return



  • 10% accrued preferred returns (18%-24%+ total returns targeted*)
  • $100K Minimum Investment
  • Qualified Plans Accepted

Growth Fund

  • Multifamily focused
  • Base rate preferred return with potential upside
  • potential tax benefits via depreciation

*This total targeted return is based on our latest market intelligence of similar assets, which have achieved a 16x-26x exit multiple.