PPR Capital Management

Investment Strategy

*Figures above updated on a quarterly basis

Strategy Overview

For over 16 years, PPR has been a proven leader in private equity real estate, focused primarily on distressed debt, institutional mortgages and commercial real estate. With a focus on capital preservation, we seek to utilize our expertise and trusted partnerships to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns to our investors in any economic environment.

The How:

Our business model starts with you, the investor. Through our accredited investor network and institutional partners, we invest primarily in mortgage loans, residential, and commercial real estate. Our portfolio of assets is diversified geographically throughout the United States with varied investment time horizons and characteristics.

These investment opportunities are sourced directly or via joint venture partners who bring specific expertise in their region and asset class. Prior to any investment, we utilize proprietary economic analysis to conduct thorough due diligence to evaluate the loan trade or commercial project on a risk-adjusted basis. This analysis enables us to forecast returns against various market conditions.

Once selected for inclusion in the portfolio and we allocate capital, we then actively manage the assets through a team of portfolio managers and loan surveillance professionals, as well as work with our experienced joint venture partners throughout the lifecycle of the investment, from the time of purchase to disposition.

How It Works

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Want a Snapshot of PPR and our Portfolio of Assets?

Download our Portfolio Update to learn more about what PPR does, how our real estate funds work, revenue trends and details, and see a current breakdown of the types of assets our portfolio contains.

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