Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this fund and how is this different from PPR’s Income Fund Offering?

2. How does an investor get paid?

3. How many car washes will be in the Fund?

4. Why are private equity institutions interested in the Express Car Wash space?

5. What experience does the team have in this space?

6. What are the risks?

7. Are there tax benefits?

8. What is the hold time for the investment and when would we likely see upside?

9. When is the first distribution to investors projected to be made? How often are distributions paid?

10. How are distributions taxed?

11. Do you accept qualified funds (Self-Directed IRA, 401K) as investments?

12. What is the minimum investment?

13. Is the fund buying or leasing land? 

14. Is market saturation a concern? 

15. Are these car washes environmentally friendly? 

16. How are these car washes recession resistant?