New Name, New Website, New Fund!

At PPR, our company culture is wired to innovate and improve everything we do in the interests of our investors and in response to always-changing economic and market conditions.

In that spirit, we have three big pieces of news.

1. New name

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve diversified our portfolio with both notes and commercial real estate (including affordable housing, which is very favorable in the current environment). Given that shift, “PPR Note Co.” as a name no longer captures the breadth of what we do. 

Going forward, our company will be known as PPR Capital Management.

2. New website

As part of the launch of the new name, our home on the web will now be While you’re here today, please explore it!

Much will be familiar, but we’ve also added new content about what we do and an updated Team page.

3. New Fund

Last (but not least important!), a new Fund is open. You can see all the fund options at

The biggest news is that we’ve added a 12%, 3 year option and a 10%, 1-year option.

All in all we believe these changes will be very positive for everyone in our community.