Where do you lend?

Do I need cash equity at close?

What are your loan size limits?

What is your loan structure?

Do you require personal guarantees from Principals?

Will you lend on a 2nd lien position?

Do you offer new construction financing?

Do you offer preferred pricing for return borrowers?

Will you lend 100% of costs?

Do you exclude any property types?

What physical condition must the property be in?

Do I need good credit to get a loan?

Do I need experience to close?

How do I start the process?

Do you charge any application fees?

What are your documentation requirements to close a loan?

Are you a direct lender?

English is my second language. Does your staff speak any foreign languages?

What Loan to Value (LTV) ratio or loan advance do you fund?

What interest rates do you offer?

Will you finance my closing costs?

Do you lend to individuals?

Will you lend to owner occupants?

Will you allow a 2nd lien behind you?

Do you charge interest on the unfunded commitment of a rehab loan?

Will you refinance my property if I already own it and want to rehab and sell it?

What types of properties will you finance?

Will you lend to foreign nationals?

How quickly can you close?

What is the minimum credit score you require for a loan?

Do you have income requirements?

What paperwork do you need to get started?

How soon can I expect a preliminary approval?

Do you ever speak and meet with the borrower directly?