Commercial Real Estate

*Figures above updated on a quarterly basis

Featured Strategy:
Commercial Real Estate

PPR utilizes their experience and extensive network to find, identify, and partner with time-tested sponsors and developers with a demonstrable track record.

We choose asset classes within the commercial space that have beneficial long-term supply/demand characteristics such as Class B or Affordable Housing located in areas with long term favorable fundamentals.

As a capital partner of these sponsors, we help acquire or construct properties of a sufficient size that can benefit from economies of scale, that will ultimately serve as a valuable addition to our overall portfolio.

Acquisition Criteria:

  • Properties located in the Sunbelt and other high-growth US markets
  • Class C+/B+ property with opportunity for strategic capital improvements
  • Well-located, underperforming multifamily properties
  • Properties in secondary markets which provide higher quality for affordability living
  • Opportunities that offer unique tax incentives
  • 100+ unit assets or portfolios
  • Three to five-year holding period
  • $20M to $100M in total capitalization